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Interested in a Career in Physical Therapy? The Top 10 Reasons To Work in Physical Therapy

Physical therapists provide treatment and diagnosis for individual conditions and injuries that have an affect on a patients mobility. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants use a number of treatment methods such as exercise, stretching, electric stimulation modalities, massage, traction and gait training.

1. Excellent Job Security

Physical therapy careers are currently seeing an excellent demand even during the difficult economic downtime that has afflicted the nation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  we can expect job opportunities for both the physical therapist and the assistant to grow by over 30% in next 10 years, a much higher average than the national average.

2. High Salary Earning Potential

According to the latest statistics the average salary for a physical therapist in the United States is $77,990 per year, while those fresh out of university can expect to instantly command a salary in excess of $53 000 per year. The highest earning physical therapists can earn in excess of $100 000 per year. A physical therapy assistant who studies only 2 years before they may enter the workforce earns an average yearly salary of $49,690, with those in the highest way brackets earning in excess of $60 000 per year. Full Story Interested in a Career in Physical Therapy? The Top 10 Reasons To Work in Physical Therapy

A guide to Physical Therapy Schools in Texas

Physical Therapy Schools in TexasThere are currently 10 physical therapy schools in Texas State, along with 1 U.S. army University option to choose from for those that wish to become physical therapists. With over 11 000 physical therapists working in the state of Texas, there beckons to be plenty of opportunity for physical therapy employment in the state. The draw of Texas does not just stop at the state demand for this profession, Texas also happens to offer one of the highest physical therapist salaries in the nation. With an average physical therapist salary of over $86 000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). With the top 10% of earners in the state pulling in a staggering $130 000 plus per year, working in Texas attracts many for this profession.

Tuition fees at physical therapy schools in Texas can vary slightly from location to location. The tuition fees in the state orange from around $20 000 – $37 000 for the entire program (3 years). The costs are generally double for those who reside out of the state. In this article we will provide you with the basics of admissions, the average costs of student life, the statistics for sucessful graduation, as Full Story A guide to Physical Therapy Schools in Texas

Steps to Obtain a Physical Therapist License

In each of the 50 states you are required to obtain a physical therapist license in order to practice. Even physical therapy assistants currently require licensure or registration to be able to practice alongside the physical therapists.  For many physical therapist students, completing graduation is enough of a challenge, and required 7 years of dedicated study while maintaining strong grade point averages. But graduation from school is not the final step, students must complete a physical therapy license exam before they are able to practice. Most graduating physical therapists attempt to complete this exam immediately after the complete their physical therapy degree. Physical therapist license exams are administered at a number of different locations throughout the nation. Your best option is to check with the specific state board of physical therapy, within your the state of your residence.

Requirements for a Physical Therapist License
physical therapist license

The requirements for a physical therapist license first and foremost is graduation from an accredited physical therapist degree program. This requires students to complete all components and receive their masters or doctorate degree in physical therapy. Programs that are accepted in each state must meet the accreditation requirements set out by the American Physical Therapy Associations (APTA) accreditation body, The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). Other requirements may be required from state to state. In some states a criminal background check will be necessary, as will proof of testing for tuberculosis. Each state board of physical therapy has a degree of self management, and the requirements are not the same all across the nation. Your best option is to contact your state board if you uncertain of any material or information you require to be eligible for a state license. Full Story Steps to Obtain a Physical Therapist License

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