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Gaining Admissions to physical therapy assistant schools

physical therapy assistant schoolsAdmissions to a physical therapy assistant school for most is a first career step, and is the end product of  medical assistant career research. The process of making sure you have adequate prerequisites for admissions, and trying to decide what school to choose can be a stressful task for those involved.

There are many places in which a would be PTA may acquire their studies. A prospective student does have the ability to study as a PTA (physical therapy assistant) at a large university or college which has a larger more extensive physical therapy department as part of the college or university. Studying as a PTA at a larger university or college gives the student the prospective of the larger scope of the career, or ideas for future upgrades to the profession, as masters and doctorates of physical therapy may be studied at the same institution.

Admissions Prerequisites

In order to qualify for admissions to physical therapy assistant schools, you generally must have completed high school studies in biology, English, and generally 1 other science course. With regards to the type of school you are searching for, most reputable schools are usually located near large city centers, and most schools will offer internships with a local hospital or rehabilitation center. Your best option is to visit the site this websites own section on schools http://physicaltherapy-assistant.com/category/pta-schools-by-state/, where we provide the contact information for the various schools. Each school may have different admissions procedures, and prerequisite requirements.

Some programs may require students to have volunteer hours, or observation hours with physical therapists or physical therapy assistants in more than one facility. Depending on an individuals background, or educational background may also determine if a college will ask the  individual in the admissions process to complete a national ACT (American College Test) exam. This test is used to measure mature students or high schools students knowledge in the core subjects of math, english, science reasoning, writing, and reading. Some programs will require this exam for all those applying for admissions, as where other programs may find specific high school credits as sufficient.

When choosing a school your only true option is to choose a program that is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Associations accreditation body, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. Simply view the page we have linked to above in this article titles “schools by state” and you will have an example of all the CAPTE accredited programs in the nation, and in your state. There are currently over 270 CAPTE programs available to choose from, so students should be able to find a location close to their residency.

Narrowing Down Your Search

Before deciding upon which schools you are seeking admissions too, it is wise to study the prospective schools that are on your list to narrow down which educational institute is right for you. Most physical therapy assistant programs offer biography’s of the faculty, this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the teachers that may be your future professors. This also allows an individual to see the quality of the program, most professional accredited physical therapy assistant schools should have high quality instructors from different branches of the physical therapy fields, both assistants and physical therapists.

Whether you choose a school for academics, or for personal comfort, be sure to always choose accredited programs. For those beginning the admissions process, our advice is simple, narrow down schools that are located within your region or area, and contact them individually for their exact admissions process. This will allow you to be best prepared to meet any of the prerequisites required, or to allow yourself time to complete some volunteer hours within physical therapy clinics.