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Home Health Care: The Top Physical Therapist Assistant Salary

A Physical Therapy Assistant Salary can often be determined by type of work ones does within the field of physical therapy. In this article we will investigate physical therapy assistant salary and home health care. Home health care physical therapy workers make the highest wages in the nation, when compared to working in other settings of physical therapy. Physical therapy assistant salary as a whole generally comes in on average between $48 000 – $50 000 depending on the statistics you look at across the nation. For those that are interested in a career as a physical therapy assistant, you can be assured that this career is one that is experiencing tremendous growth. As of 2008 there were an estimated 63,800 physical therapy assistants working in the United States, however according to future trends there is to be an estimated 85 000 physical therapy assistants required by 2018. That is a 33% increase in the demand for this profession, with an increase in demand we may also see a corresponding increase in physical therapy assistant salary.

Home health care services is just one facet of the career of a physical therapy assistant (PTA). They often work in settings such as surgical hospitals, old age homes, childrens hospitals, as well as sports medicine, and the more fundamental physical therapy clinics. There will be different salaries for different physical therapy assistant jobs.

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary for Home Health Care Services

For many entering any professional designation, the wages they earn are of great importance to them. Within many professions the setting in which you work can have an impact on the bottom line of what you take home every 2 weeks in the form of a pay check.  This is no different with physical therapy assistant salary, as we mentioned above there are numerous career paths one can take to earn their finances. The one we are investigating in this article is that of home health care services. Even as of 2010 (the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on this profession) the average physical therapy assistant salary for a skilled worker in home health care services averaged $59,520. this is nearly $10 000 more than the average salary for this profession in all workplace settings according those 2010 statistics.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a facet of physical therapy where the therapists go right into the individuals home. This is especially effective and convenient for the patients because they are already afflicted by a condition that effects their mobility, and may not have the time to search for a clinic in which they can visit.  Home health care physical therapist assistants, often work with the elderly, and those suffering from debilitating conditions such as diabetes, cancer, spinal damage, arthritis, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, as well as a host of other conditions which can cause pain and limit movement. Patients suffering require the treatment of a physical therapist. In home health care settings the physical therapist will be in charge of assessments of the patients, while a licensed physical therapy assistant may carry out many of the treatments under the direction of the licensed physical therapists.

Why Home Health Care Has the Top Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

It has the highest paying physical therapy assistant salary because it was created as free enterprise. Also due to the fact that overhead for running this type of business is much lower then those that require rental space for clinics. Hospitals require extensive equipment and real estate that must be factored into the wages they can afford to pay.  It also comes down to simple supply and demand. With an aging population it is becoming more common to have therapists go directly to the home of those that are suffering, as opposed to having them take the painful task of coming to the clinic. Home health care really is smart business. This has led to the average salary in this profession being higher. When you hear of physical therapy assistants salary of over $60 000 per year, it is most often in the home health care services sector. Some things to consider though before jumping right into this facet, is that often home care services may offer less attractive benefits package to working in other settings such as a hospital.  Home health care has a physical therapy assistant salary that is the highest of all jobs in this profession, for some the benefits is not an issue.

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