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How Much Does a Physical Therapy Assistant Make an Hour?

When we find statistics for physical therapy assistant salary, what is generally given is a salary based on 40 hours of work per week, but this can still leave one with the question of how much does a physical therapy assistant make an hour? Statistics often fail to give you this exact amount, for this reason this will be today’s article topic. When you originally are hired a physical therapist assistant the amount of hours you are given may not be 40 hours per week. You may be working 24 hours per week assisting a physical therapist with the patients he sees. In this case you obviously would want to know how much money you may earn per hour on the job.

A physical therapy assistant will work hard to graduate from a PTA program, and once licensed will begin the process of searching for jobs. Like an industry finding full time 40 hour a week jobs with full benefits is not always an entry level possibility.  When this is the case than you will definitely wish to know how much does a physical therapy assistant make an hour. Our research has led us to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for information. The latest information we have found with regards to details on each state is the 2009 year end statistics, while current figures coming in from 2010 are showing that wages for physical therapy assistants have increased further.

The below statistics for how much does a physical therapy assistant make an hour is the state average hourly rate. It must be noted that in most cases (not all) an entry level position will be paying 25% below the state average. This is something to consider in the beginning when you are searching for jobs. The above table is a resource for you to understand what the average hourly rate is, so you can compare potential job offers to that figure. Be patient with your hourly wage, and understand with regards to how much does a physical therapy assistant make an hour that experience will be a crucial factor in securing higher wages.

How Much Does a Physical Therapy Assistant Make an Hour State Guide:


State Hourly Wage
Alabama 21.90
Alaska 19.69
Arizona 21.85
Arkansas 22.05
California 27.77
Colorado 20.27
Connecticut 27.01
Delaware 25.95
District of Columbia 22.55
Florida 26.58
Georgia 23.01
Hawaii 19.93
Idaho 22.32
Illinois 23.84
Indiana 25.21
Iowa 19.80
Kansas 23.83
Kentucky 22.20
Louisiana 20.71
Maine 22.05
Maryland 25.44
Massachusetts 24.65
Michigan 20.20
Minnesota 20.45
Mississippi 19.20
Missouri 22.98
Montana 18.70
Nebraska 22.52
Nevada 26.34
New Hampshire 23.31
New Jersey 25.80
New Mexico 19.03
New York 21.98
North Carolina 25.27
North Dakota 19.24
Ohio 25.16
Oklahoma 22.49
Oregon 24.14
Pennsylvania 20.57
Puerto Rico 10.23
Rhode Island 23.56
South Carolina 23.31
South Dakota 15.80
Tennessee 24.85
Texas 30.02
Utah 18.04
Vermont 18.97
Virginia 24.25
Washington 23.17
West Virginia 19.97
Wisconsin 22.46
Wyoming 19.56

For an entry level position, the pay will greatly be determined upon the workplace setting in which they are hired to work as a PTA. We have already mentioned that home health care workers often get paid the highest wages in this profession, with wages that are often 20% higher than working in a surgical hospital. As you can also determine from the table above, the wages definitely change from state to state, therefor this site will always recommend graduating from  Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education accredited physical therapy assistant schools. This will give a graduate the most opportunity to work in different states with greater ease of being eligible for a state license.

Keep in mind that the career of a physical therapy assistant is an in demand and growing career. Right now we know how much a physical therapy assistant make an hour, with an increase in a demand for the profession, there may be a further increase in hourly rates.

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