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Job Outlook for Physical Therapy Assistant – The Availability of Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for physical therapy assistant is projected to be very good, the job market should far exceed the national average for all occupations. While this can be a physically demanding career, the fact it is seeing growth, even during a nation wide recession, indicates that those that study to become physical therapist assistants, are entering a career which borders on being recession proof. What are the statistics behind this forecast? Where are the best job opportunities? How easy is it going to be to find a job? Use this guide to find the answers to all of these questions.

The BLS forecast says that the number of physical therapy assistant jobs will increase by 35% by 2018. In turn, the chances of finding a job will be relatively high for professionals with experience and for recent graduates from education programs as well. This increase in the number of jobs is expected to occur due to the growing demand for physical therapy services.

Why is the job outlook for physical therapy assistant so good? In the US, the elderly population is growing at fast speed due to the advancement in medicine. As a result, more and more senior citizens will need physical therapy. The number of injured patients and patients with disabilities is also expected to increase due to the technological advancement in medicine. Another factor that will contribute to the growth in jobs is the inclusion of this health care service in different insurance policies. It is expected that in order to reduce the cost of the service that they offer, physical therapist will assign many of the therapy treatments to be performed by their assistants.

What impact will the good job outlook for physical therapy assistant have on you? In general, you should find it easier to secure a job position. The question is how to increase your chances of success when searching for employment. The private practices are the main employers of assistants followed closely by general medical and surgical hospitals. It has been estimated that around 72% of all jobs are available from these employers. That is why it is a good idea to focus private practices and hospitals. The orthopedic and skilled nursing settings are projected to offer the best opportunities for employment.

The number of jobs in nursing care facilities remains relatively low, but it is projected to increase, so you may want to check such potential employers as well. The home health care service sector is growing, but the employment opportunities for physical therapy assistants remain limited.

It is worth finding out which state has the best job outlook for physical therapy assistant. Ohio is currently the state offering the largest number of jobs. It is closely followed by California and Texas. Pennsylvania comes fourth. You can expect to have excellent employment opportunities in any of these states. Florida is also among the states with highest number of jobs with the opportunities there being expected to become even stronger. It is worth pointing out that California, Texas and Florida are also among the top paying states as well.

Your individual success in finding a job depends on how competitive you are in the job market. Having more and better qualifications plus excellent communication skills will help a lot.
Overall, the job outlook for physical therapy assistant is very good.

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