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Choosing the Right Physical Therapy Assistant Course

A physical therapy assistant’s job is both challenging and demanding and a physical therapy assistant course is necessary before one can practice. These types of therapists work alongside doctors and other professional from the health care sector in order to restore a patients balance, overall endurance, motor skills and physical well being who are suffering from arthritis as well as other debilitating diseases. They will also work with those that have met with accidents or have sustained sports injuries etc. A solid skill set from a PTA program is essential.

Due to the advancement in medicine the life expectancy of people has increased which has increased the demand for rehabilitation as well as long term care. Due to this factor physical therapy has become a sought after popular career option, and is growing yearly as opposed to other occupations.  The job description of a physical therapist is to rehabilitate people that are unable to move around properly due to illness or injures. For instance patients that have had bone injuries as well as those that have had surgery are referred by their doctors to a physical therapist who will in turn rehabilitate their health to normal or almost normal condition.

Physical Therapy Assistant Course: Job Skills Acquired

A physical therapists job is to maintain and improve the flexibility, endurance and motion to an injured part of a patient’s body. In addition the therapist will restore the patient’s motor control as well as relieve the discomfort and pain that the patient may be experiencing due to surgery or an injury. A physical therapist will receive a referral letter from the doctor with the diagnosis and type of injury sustained and the patient’s medical history, and then down the chain will consult with a physical therapy assistant on the type of therapeutic exercise that will be required for the patient, the Head physical therapist may give direct supervision or just instructions.

Once the patient has been healed and well mobilized he physical therapist will in turn send a report back to the referring doctor with the findings and progress of the patient and at the same time will also give a detailed report of the planned protocol for the patient. Treatments will vary from patient to patient and each patient is treated individually.

A physical therapy assistant will recommend a therapy as directed by the physical therapist, and as well as help the patient to carry out the necessary exercises. A Physical Therapy Assistant course prepares the therapist for treating patients effectively. To apply these skills one must graduate from a physical therapist assistant program. The prerequisites for this study is a 2 year associate degree is a high school degree with science credits and English.

Physical Therapy Assistant Course: Techniques Learned

In addition physical therapist and assistant also need to know how to apply massage techniques which will improve the muscle condition and they also need to know when to apply hot and cold compressions which is used to reduce swelling and eliminate pain. A therapist also needs to know when and how to use therapeutic equipment such as ultrasonic and infra red lamps, whirlpool baths and ultrasonic machinery. Techniques need to be learned during their course in order to teach patients how to make use of lift pulleys, weights, stationary bicycles and parallel bars.

A Physical Therapy Assistant Course also teaches the therapist to work with patients that are in braces, wheelchairs or crutches as well as patients that have acquired artificial limbs. They should be able to make use of applied psychology in such instances and need to have excellent communication skills. If this career sounds like an interesting challenge, then a physical therapy assistant course may be just right for you.