Explore Career Options, Jobs, Schooling, and Salary for an in Demand Career in Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs, How to choose the right one

Physical therapy assistant jobs can vary from both the duty that is performed, to more importantly for some, the salary that you are able to obtain. Those that work in physical therapy have an incredibly high rate of job satisfaction when compared to other professions, this can be due to the changing nature of the profession, and the personalized skill set that is required to work in such a profession. Choosing the right job can come down to a number of things for any individual. Things that may be considered are workplace setting, location, salary, future trends, as well as others.

Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs: Workplace Setting

Physical therapy assistant jobs can be found in a number of different settings within the rehabilitation field. A licensed PTA can find work at a

  • Nursing and old age homes
  • general rehabilitation clinics
  • Sports medicine Clinics
  • hospitals (rehabilitation hospitals, general, surgical, childrens)
  • With a private in home rehabilitation company
  • with a potential for other work locations

Seeing as a PTA can work in many settings, this gives a prospective employee a diverse range where they can find suitable employment. Some PTA’s may have a personality best suited to a clinical setting with strong organizational skills, and a more personal interest in the exercise portion of rehabilitation.  Another PTA may enjoy working with the elderly, and the communication that is required to work in such a work setting. The best advice one can be given is to find out what is important to you, and what setting best suits your personality. For many the decision can also come down to finances. Let’s face it, you did not study an in demand career to have a hard time paying the bills, and working as a PTA can be a financially rewarding stable career.

Jobs with higher salary

According to the latest information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average pay for a physical therapy assistant is just over $46, 000 per year. Though let it be known that some PTA’s make as much as $60 000 a year, depending on the workplace setting you work in the average wages for a PTA can be anywhere from $37 000 – $54 000 per year. With regards to physical therapy assistant jobs, and the highest paying jobs, it would be wise to look for a career in  home health care, or a nursing care facility, with average wages being over $50 000 per year in those 2 specialized areas. Hospital work would come in 3rd financially with a respectable pay average ranging around $48 000 per year. Obviously personal interest, location, benefits, as well as job security will play a factor in the area you choose to work in, but for finances the 3 above mentioned areas would be the most recommended.The workplace environment is also very important, life is a lot easier when you are happy going to work everyday.

Future job market Trends

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth is expected to increase by 35 percent by 2018, much faster and higher than the average for all occupations in the United States. While the demand for a qualified PTA increases, we could also see a similar growth for salaries of a PTA. With the baby booming generation continuing to age there is a demand for hands on care, as this population is prone to chronic conditions which may require therapeutic services such as physical therapy.

On the current 2011 U.S. job market, there is a large amount of physical therapy assistant jobs available. There is a high demand which means those looking for work have the opportunity to choose work place settings, as well grow and move up to higher paying jobs. With impressive future outlook numbers, physical therapy assistant is a great career choice to make right now!