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Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs with the Highest Pay

physical therapy assistant jobs There are many individuals in the world who work in a job they love regardless of the pay, for the rest, it is important for you to focus your attention on the physical therapy assistant jobs with the highest pay, when looking for employment. It is often difficult for job seekers to figure out which salaries are high and which are not, especially if they have no previous work experience in the health care industry. That is why it is worth learning what the best paid jobs are and how to secure one. There are numerous industries within the career that a physical therapist assistant can gain meaningful employment with.

The mean annual salary for assistants is $49,810 as of 2010 statistics. Any pay over it can be considered high, and generally difficult to achieve for those who would be described as entry level physical therapy asssitants. Generally, those professionals who are in the top 25% and top 10% of earners have the highest salaries in the industry ranging from $59,050 to $68,820 on average. This range gives you an idea of what kinds of salaries are offered with the physical therapy assistant jobs with the highest pay.

According to statistical data, around 72% of all jobs for assistants are in the offices of physical therapists and in hospitals. The mean salaries in both these settings are slightly lower than the overall mean for the country. However, this does not mean that you should not focus on these employers when looking for a job. Generally, larger private practices and private hospitals are likely to offer much higher salaries than the average. Another thing worth noting is that some institutions will offer strong benefits packages, as where others you may be on the hook for your own health care costs.

Nursing care facilities offer some physical therapy assistant jobs with the highest pay. The mean salary for assistants offered by these employers is higher than the mean for the country. It is currently $53,660. The number of jobs available at nursing care facilities is relatively low at present, but it is expected to increase in the coming years. Again, you may want to focus your attention on private healthy care facilities of this type.

Statistics show that the physical therapy assistant jobs with the highest pay are in the home health care service sector. The mean annual salary in this sector is $59,520. The nature of the work does not vary significantly. You will do the same things as you do in the office of a physical therapist. The only difference is that you will be performing the treatment in the home of the patient. You can expect to have a number of patients per day so being mobile is essential for this kind of job. It is also important to know that there are currently less jobs available in this sector than in others. There truly are pros and cons to every industry within physical therapy assistant careers. We are focusing primarily on the salary here, as that is generally most people’s most important job factor. Keep in mind other job factors such as benefits, hours worked, difficulty of the job should always be considered when trying to find the right job., not just salary.

Traveling physical therapy assistants are among the professionals having the highest pay as well. Depending on the health care company that employs you, you can earn as much as $63,768 per year or even more. The high remuneration makes traveling jobs the best choice for many professionals, but you really have to ask yourself whether you are prepared to travel to many different parts of the country and be away from home for a long time. For many people, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the different cities, but if you have a family, such a job may not be that perfect for you.

Now you know what the physical therapy assistant jobs with the highest pay are, so you can readily go on a job hunt for them.