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Physical Therapy Assistant Online? the reality check

Receiving your degree as a physical therapy assistant online is a very appealing situation for many individuals. Not having to spend time in a class room, being able to study from the comfort of your own home, in your own chair, in front of your computer. Being able to study at the pace you want, the speed you want, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well in the case of a physical therapy assistant, it is too good to be true, sorry to break it to you.

Buyer Beware, or in this case eager student beware!

One thing that you must understand is that gaining an academic degree within an in demand profession will be a huge asset for your future. The educational institutes know this (Both the reputable, and the less accredited).  They know that the reality of our economy leaves many individuals in a situation where upgrading education, or changing to a more in demand career is very appealing.

Much like a used car salesman is eager to sell you a car, well knowing the more limitations you have on your budget, the greater is the ability for you to accept less than the best. Not all schools are out to pick your pocket of money and leave you with a certificate or degree that is worth about as much as the paper it is printed on, but these types of schools do exist!

Physical Therapy assistant online, Read the fineprint

always be sure to read the fine print of any program that you see, which claims to be offering a course as a physical therapy assistant online. First of all we will tell it to you straight: A qualified PTA, who will have an in demand career requires hands on training,  clinical workplace settings, and generally a 2 year associates degree from an accredited college. Most of the programs you see online can not offer you that, you may either receive a certificate in something similar (Physical Therapy Aide) or receive a certificate or diploma that is not accredited.

Legitimate online programs?? There are legitimate online courses that individuals are able to take through distance education as part of their associates degree, but as mentioned above the hands on requirement for a skilled PTA means in class, and clinical practice. It is possible to take portions of programs online, as educational institutes attempt to cater to individuals who are mature students, or require a job while they study, but in the case of a physical therapy assistant that is the best you can do.

Understand that even if you come across a degree as a physical therapy assistant online that sounds too good to be true, it very well may be. Remember it is the job world where you will make your future income, they don’t just look for credentials, they look for credentials, and experience from a reputable education institution with proper hands on training, and work placements. Don’t believe the hype, stick to the real accredited programs, this will secure you the best future work prospects, and salary.