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Is it possible to Study to Become a Physical Therapy Assistant Online?

Physical Therapy Assistant Online courses are appealing to a variety of individuals. It allows one to prepare and study for their new career as a PTA in the comfort of their own home, and at their own pace. You will unfortunately not be able to find  a 100% stand alone physical therapy assistant online program that is fully accredited in your journey to become a PTA.

When you search online programs for physical therapy, generally you will run into advertisements or information for online programs that are specific to the job of physical therapy aide. Physical therapy aides do not require any certification, although a certification or any education could possibly help their cause for finding employment, but it is not a requirement for employment. While these online programs may be useful for learning more about physical therapy, the certificate you receive for completing such a program has no transferability to any Physical Therapy Assistant program.

Physical Therapy Assistant Online Requirements

All PTA programs currently require a minimum of an associate degree, which in general is a 2 year program, spanning 4-5 semesters and can include anywhere from 200 to 700 hours of clinical internship. The clinical internship will be arranged by the program, for the student. A physical therapy aide earns nearly half of what a physical therapy assistant earns, so the education required is completely different.

What one may find online through any college that offers a  legitimate associate degree for physical therapy assistant , is the ability to take portions of the course load online through the colleges’ school of distant or extended learning. When choosing a school you must only select programs which are recognized and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), this is the only accrediting body for physical therapy schools in the U.S, and you are required to graduate from an accredited program if you wish to have eligibility for state license.

The portions of the program that are taken online will involve courses that do not 100% need to be hands on, courses such as biology, anatomy, English college credits and others may be taken from the comfort your own home, with nothing more than a computer connection. If taking Physical Therapy Assistant Online courses is important for you it is wise to ask admissions for the colleges that interest you what courses are available through distant/online education. Much of the curriculum for Physical Therapy Assistant requires the students to be present and in the class room, as the techniques they will learn are practical and require physical presence in the classroom.

Let’s go over the Advantages and disadvantages to being able to study a portion of the program in the comfort of your own home.

Advantages of Physical Therapy Assistant Online Studies

Accessibility: Attend online classes from anywhere, travel, your living room, wherever you please.
Flexibility: Work when it makes the most sense for you (night, morning, wee hours) It also allows the possibility of part time work if that is necessary for you.
Cost: An online course allows you to save money by not being in the physical class. Often times the courses are more moderately prices, not to mention again you are able to keep a job while you study.
Documentation: Documents and training material are archived. Everything can be accessed via email or the schools website for reading, writing, downloading and printing.
Access: You are able to access your professors and instructors through email quickly, and can often communicate at times that are not suitable for in school information.

Disadvantages Of Physical Therapy Assistant Online Studies:

Consistency: You now have no schedule that keeps you learning and studying. No professor to tell you the work he expects done, no little reminders. You are the sole responsibility for your study habits and making sure you complete you work on time. Many students struggle without the consistent structure.
Communications: Most of your communication will come through email. You may not learn as well through email and prefer a professors voice and explanations.
Courses: Not all courses of study are easily available online, so you may be limited to the amount of online study you are able to complete based on the program, or school you attend.


The Truth about Physical Therapy Assistant Online


The truth is studying on the internet is becoming a large business. It is more cost effective for schools to have students complete their degree online. A physical therapy assistant online degree would be quite cost effective for an educational institute, but is unrealistic due to the fact that there is just too much hands on training required for this type of career. Courses that do not involve practical components and skill development are often available through online studies and many universities. If this appeals to you be sure to research the schools and find out what, and how many physical therapy assistant online courses you will be permitted to take in an online format should they be available.

If you wish to study a portion of your associates degree for physical therapy assistant online, then be sure that you have weighed the pros and cons against your own ability to work without as much instruction. It is best to know your own personal strength’s and weaknesses with regards to work and study habits before enrolling in an associates degree program for physical therapy assistant. Now you know the truth when looking into this education, that at current a full a physical therapy assistant online degree is not available.