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Analyzing the Different Types of Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

A physical therapy assistant performs a variety of different tasks which are supervised by a qualified physical therapist and these therapists make use of specified equipment in order to make their therapy sessions more productive. In 2008 physical therapy assistants held around sixty thousand positions and the physical therapy aides held around forty eight thousand positions in the USA. Physical therapy assistant programs are run though out all 50 states. In order to work as a physical therapist assistant one needs to complete an accredited program whereby you earn an associate degree.

A physical therapy assistant also requires certification in areas such as CPR as well as other clinical and first aid requirements. When it comes to the physical therapy aides, they need to have a high school diploma as most employers will provide in-house training. Many of the states require a physical therapist assistant to be registered as well as licensed and physical therapy aides do not need licenses or registration.

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs & Earning potential

After completing one of the accredited physical therapy assistant programs, job prospects for physical therapist assistant and aides offer excellent opportunities. These types of physical therapy assistant programs are fast becoming popular as opposed to occupations that require longer training and a full degree according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The earning potentials of a physical therapist assistant is around $49 000 annually and an hourly wage is around $22.22. Physical therapy aids earn around $24,000 annually and $11.50 hourly.

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs: Preparing for the Daily Job

What does a physical therapist assistant do? A typical day of a physical therapist assistant is to perform specialized treatment procedures on patients which comprise of hot and cold packs, massage, ultrasound, exercises, swimming, electrical stimulation, traction and paraffin baths. What does a physical therapy aide do? Aides will prepare the room for each patient’s therapy session, assist patients to and from the treatment area as well as make sure the treatment area is organized and clean.

The job of a physical therapy assistant is to aid patients which include patients with disabilities as well as those that have been involved in spots accidents or motorbike and vehicle accidents or other. Patients that present with heart disease, head injuries, lower back pain, fractures, arthritis, amputees etc require the service of a physical therapist in order to restore or improve their mobility function as well as prevent permanent disabilities and relieve pain.

Physical therapy assistant programs help to restore and maintain a patient’s overall wellbeing, health and fitness. Many physical therapists when qualified and have completed their internship will move onto to opening their own practices and readily employ licensed physical therapy assistants. Many work for hospitals, clinics and recovery homes. This is a great job for new moms as one can even do locums.

Before you can practice as a physical therapy assistant you will need to have first graduated with an associates degree which includes the basic subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, human growth, biomechanics, neuro anatomy, physiology, diseases, therapeutic procedures and examination techniques. Physical therapy assistant programs require one to pass a state as well as national licensing exam in order to get a license.