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Physical Therapy Assistant ranks very high in job satisfaction

The work of a Physical Therapy Assistant is a satisfying one. Analysis of a survey completed by the National Opinion Research Center. as well as a similar survey from Wall Street Journal’s: Career Journal, Those working in the physical therapy industry voted in very well with over 75% of the employees of physical therapy (PT & PTA) as being “very satisfied”. This puts Physical Therapy jobs as being one of the top 10 careers in the Nation for job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is a incredibly strong component of why people chose the career of a PTA or a PT. Working and being away from the family is difficult enough, to work in a career that brings down your spirits is an extra kick in the pants. Our recommendation is to always find a job that leaves you personally satisfied.

Some of the reasons why physical therapists Assistants are happy:

  • The often work 1 on 1, or with a small group of patients in a more intimate setting. It’s a bit like being a specially skilled personal fitness coach who also has a strong rehabilitation knowledge. This allows one to feel the freedom of self employment, but with a secure pay cheque.
  • You are compensated well for the job that you do, whether you are a PTA or PT, they both make a very decent living in this profession
  • There is a tremendous variety to your job, you can see patients with traumatic injury’s, long term disabilities, diseases, amputee, war veteran, sports injury, all in the same day. This variety keeps the job from feeling repetitive.
  • You can see real progress and improvement in the patients that you work with, which gives satisfaction to see the results of the work you do.
  • The hours are much more standard than most other health care employees, Working evenings and weekends are not the normal for a PTA
  • Physical Therapy Assistants benefit from having knowledge that they work in a career that is rising in numbers, and growing in demand Nation wide. With an aging population the need for a physical therapy assistant is projected to remain strong for the future years ahead.
  • You can choose from a large range of employment settings, which adds variety and excitement to the job that you do.

Working a physical therapy assistant can have it’s hardships as well, as this can be a physically demanding career on your body. PTA’s have been known to burn out from dealing with the stress off working with patients who are sick and injured. Upgrading your training skills and continuing education are requirements for this career to stay up to date with current physical therapy research an knowledge, though some people love this as an aspect of their employment, some see it as extra work on top of their career. Despite a few little things that some would see as difficult, the stats tell us that overall the career ¬†of a physical therapy assistant is a satisfying career that a worker can feel proud of. Remember, feeling proud and satisfied with your work improves many other areas of your life outside of work!