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What are The Requirements to Work as a Physical Therapist Assistant

physical therapy assistant requirementsA decade ago physical therapy assistant requirements were only a certification in this field. However, this has changed and now there are requirements of an associates degree and a state license to work.  A student wanting to do an associates degree PTA program will require a two year program whereby students take up subjects such as orthotics, prosthetics, pediatrics, orthopedics and management as well as basic pulmonary testing. Choosing the right physical therapy assistant schools, comes right down to the accreditation, the most notable being CAPTE or Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy Education. A school that has been accredited by CAPTE offers students the most flexibility with regards to writing for a state license in all states.

Physical Therapy Assistant Requirements: Education

Student may also be required to participate in a research project during the course of these two years. A physical therapy assistant education will recover all the basics of what a fully licensed physical therapist will learn, just it will not go as in depth. Having a broad range of knowledge suits a PTA best, and truly is one of the physical therapy assistant requirements.

This program also runs over a two year period although the curriculum is different to a master’s degree. The first year students learn the basic concepts of the profession and during the second year of the program the student participate in an internship either in a clinic or hospital where they will gain practical experience that is required of a physical therapy assistant.

Options for Higher Education

In addition physical therapy assistant requirements for those seeking a higher degree there is the transitional doctorate to a physical therapy degree, as therapist know that by having much higher qualification means a much higher salary. Once a student has obtained there associates degree they do have the option to move on to a master’s degree they, and then move onto a doctorate’s degree. There are many requirements for those students wanting to do a transitional doctorate degree is a master’s as well as bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. Student will go onto doing an advanced physical therapy degree, although many of those that work as a physical therapy assistant are happy with their 2 year associates degree and the opportunities that it brings.

Now that we know what degrees are offered in the career of physical therapy, we also need to know what a physical therapy assistant does? A physical therapy assistant, does just that assists with treatment of patients that suffer from physical ailments such as sports injuries, strokes, back problems, joint problems, head injuries, victims of motor vehicle as well as motorbike accidents and much more. They work directly under the guidance of a licensed fully graduated physical therapist.

Once a doctor has assessed a patient and carried out the necessary treatment, the doctor may request that a patient needs to have physical therapy in order to recover their health and the patient may need to do swimming exercises, physical exercises or may require sonar treatments or other. A physical therapist works with infant’s right up to the aged as well as people that have disabilities. In order for a patient to recover properly from an ailment a physical therapist plays a major role in their full recovery program. Any patient that a physical therapist treats, a physical therapy assistant is there to assist and carry out directed treatments in support.

A physical therapist assistant can work in any medical facility such as nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, clinics etc. as long as all the physical therapy assistant requirements are met, then student will not find it difficult finding employment as this career offers a host of opportunities as well as excellent wages. The requirements truly are an associates degree, patience, compassion and a strong work ethic. If this career is of interest you, then start completing your physical therapy assistant requirements now.