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Physical Therapy Assistant Salary and Old Age Homes – Is It Worth Working in Such a Setting?

physical therapy assistant salary in Old age homesThere are different settings where you can choose to work as a physical therapy assistant. Old age homes, or retirement homes as they are often called. The term that is commonly used in the medical world is nursing care facilities. These are homes where individuals do not have the ability to take proper care of themselves, and require assistance with exercise, as well as tasks of daily living. You should definitely learn more about the physical therapy assistant salary at old age homes, the nature of the work, and the career advancement opportunities entering into this sector of work. This information will allow you to decide whether such a job will be satisfactory for you.

The median annual physical therapy assistant salary at all age homes is currently $53,660. This is considerably higher than the median for the physical therapy assistant salary for the entire country which is $49,690. Generally, you have good chances of finding a well-paid job at such a nursing care facility. You can expect to get remuneration that will be slightly higher than the one offered by hospitals and private practices, especially if you are applying for a job at a private old age home. The question you need to ask yourself is what area of physical therapy do you have the highest interest to work in? They all have their pros and cons, and while some enjoy working in nursing care facilities, others prefer a different environment.

What is the employment outlook for assistants working at such nursing care facilities? The job outlook is very good. The elderly population is growing in size and this means that more and more people at old age homes will require physical therapy. Basically, if you choose this kind of work setting, you will certainly find a job easily and keep it in the long run, in case this is what you want. Job demand will always have a direct reflection on the physical therapy assistant salary available.

What is the work of a physical therapy assistant at an old age home like? You will perform the general duties typical for the job. These involve giving exercise instructions to patients and helping them exercise, using mechanical traction and electrical stimulation and giving massages. You will work under the instruction and supervision of a physical therapist. You can expect the work at an old age home to be physically demanding since you will have to help elderly individuals who are less mobile move and walk around. Still, the work is quite rewarding. It can be a slower pace of rehabilitation than working in say a hospital or a clinic, but for some this is the type of setting they prefer the most.

You can expect your daily work schedule to be full of appointments when working at the old age home. The good news is that you will have standard work hours, usually from 9 to 5. This is a great benefit given that most assistants employed by private practices and hospitals have more flexible work schedules, and the hours can change from morning to evenings on a regular basis. A regular schedule is often desired by those with children, as routine is important.

Are there any career advancement opportunities for a physical therapy assistant working at an old age home? It is not common for assistants in such work settings to gain specialization, as they need to perform various treatments to patients with different mobility problems. However, you can readily get an administrative position in the nursing home. If the facility is large, you may become in charge of all physical therapy assistants.

Now you can make a well-informed decision on whether to work as a physical therapy assistant in an old age home. Just keep in mind that you have to be competitive in the employment market. You should have excellent educational qualifications and good communication skills in order to secure a job. Previous work experience is always an advantage, so you may want to do an internship before applying for a full-time position. Earning a high physical therapy assistant salary is about a number of factors, and the type of facility such as old age homes is one of them.