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State Profile: Physical Therapy Assistant Salary in California

Physical therapy assistant salary in California is strong when compared to the national average. Factors that influence salary can be determined by population density, cost of living, as well as demand for a service. In the case of a physical therapy assistant, California has many opportunities due to it’s status symbol as a destination for young and old alike, for it’s warm beaches and fair sunny climate.

The physical therapy assistant salary in California is influenced more greatly by the aging population in the state, as they are more likely to require therapeutic services. California also has an estimated population of over 37 million, which makes it the most populated state in the United States. Since it is such a large state the salary and wages available for any given profession may change depending on location. In this report we compile statistics from the latest update by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on this profession, which was compiled in 2009, as well as our own research using programs such as salary.com to compile average wages of current jobs that are available in the state.

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary in California

United States Median Physical Therapy Assistant Salary: $46,140

California Median Physical Therapy Assistant Salary:       $56,820 (average of 27.32 per hour worked)

As you are able to note the physical therapy assistant salary in California is $10 000 greater than the national average. This is excellent news for those that wish to study as physical therapy assistants or wish to work as physical therapy assistants in the state. Although it must be said that many locations in the sunshine state of California have a higher cost of living when compared to other locations in the United States. One must always factor in an excess in cost of living when comparing the salaries if they are considering relocation.

Below we have compiled a city profile of Los Angeles California based on research from Salary.com

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary in California: Los Angeles

Median Salary:                         $50,084

50% earn between                  $44 000 and $55 000

10% earn                                  $59 000 or greater

As you can see from our research that physical therapy assistant jobs in Los Angeles pay slightly lower than those in other locations throughout the state, although they remain strong when compared to the national average.

Besides just location, there are many other factors that will influence a starting physical therapy assistant salary in California, such as how much experience an individual has, and the type of educational training they received. Another factor which is important to be aware of, is that the type of facility worked in, often directly reflects how much an individual can earn.

If we to take the national average for a home health care physical therapy assistant, we would see that is is over $50 000 per year across the entire United States. As where if we were to take those plying their trade in a clinic, we would see that the median salary average would be $39 000.

Physical Therapy is a large career, and there are many areas that are available to work in. Salary will be reflected by the area you choose to work in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this would be the highest to a lower physical therapy assistant salary in the United States. (labeled from 1 to 4)

1. Home health Care

2. Old Age Home

3. Surgical or General Hospitals

4. Practitioner offices or Clinics

Remember that this is a growing career, with growth of over 30% expected by 2018, currently there is an excellent opportunity to receive a great physical therapy assistant salary in California.