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Are There Legitimate Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Online?

physical therapy assistant schools onlineFor those that wish to study to become a physical therapy assistant, but the ability to attend class on a daily basis is difficult, there may be distant education options available. Can I study at physical therapy assistant schools online? the answer is in the middle, yes and no, and depending on the school.

What do physical therapy assistant schools online offer? They offer associate’s degree programs in physical therapy assisting. Still, the programs will require you to complete general education courses before enrolling, so that you can study the majority of  the medial academic subjects online. That is why you have to check each program individually. Also the amount of classes in each program that have eligibility to be studied online. Remember physical therapy is a hands on industry, and many of the core classes must be taken in a classroom setting at current, to make sure the students have the practical hands on skills before enter their clinical placement. It is essential for you to find out whether a program is accredited by the Physical Therapy Association’s Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) before you enroll in it.

Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Online: What to expect from the online Academic Course Load

A standard program is divided into two modules. The first module consists of academic coursework. You will study a number of subjects, including anatomy, physiology, introduction to physical therapy, disabilities and therapeutic exercise, medical terminology and ethics and psychology. You will use a variety of computer-based methods for learning.

You will get to use video lectures and used computer-based reading materials. You will submit assignments via email. You will attend online classes. In this way, you will be able to get direct instructions and help from your instructors. You will be able to participate in discussions with your fellow students as well.

All accredited physical therapy assistant schools online provide clinical practice as part of their programs. You will be required to attend laboratory work practice and clinical practice in a health care setting in person. This means that even if you choose distance learning, you will have to arrange transportation and/or accommodation in order to attend your clinical practice.

Benefits of Online Study

What are the benefits and drawbacks of physical therapy assistant schools online? The main benefit of distance learning is that you get to study in your own time in the comfort of your own home. No other form of training can give you this kind of flexibility. That is why distance online learning is perhaps the best option for people who work overtime or have to take care of their young children.

Studying online is cost-effective as well. Usually, the fees of online schools are lower compared to the tuition fees charged by traditional colleges. Additionally, you save on transportation costs and even on accommodation costs. These are considerable benefits for those who have insufficient income for obtaining higher education.

The main drawback of physical therapy assistant schools online is that students do not get the same kind of accessibility to individual support and learning resources. Still, most good programs manage to provide a lot of support and aid to their students. It may even exceed the support and aid you will get while studying at a traditional college. Having to attend clinical practice in a set place may be a drawback for some people, but it may be possible to arrange clinical practice in a health care facility near your home.

Now you know all about physical therapy assistant schools online and distance learning you can decide if this option is right for you. Understand that taken your courses through physical therapy assistant schools online will provide different challenges, but may also afford you the freedom you require from home study. The number of schools that offers this format is always changing, and we may see schools that will leaning towards offering the curriculum fully online, but as of current the need for students to meet clinical prerequisites means that the best case scenario may be a combination of in class and at home study.