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Understanding Physical Therapy Assistant Wages

Understanding Physical Therapy Assistant Wages

A physical therapy assistant (PTA), assists a licensed practitioner of physical therapy and works alongside them in order to help them perform their job properly. PTA’s assist by helping with patient treatments, teaching exercises, and applying modalities to patients. Physical therapy assistant wages and a physical therapy aide wages do differ quite considerably. A physical therapy assistant requires an associates degree whereas a physical therapy aide only requires hands on training, although certificate programs are available for Aides.

The average physical therapy assistant wages will depend on the years of experience as well as the job location, employer and post educational qualifications and skills. When it comes to physical therapist assistants only those that have attended a recognized physical therapy school and have all the necessary certification, licenses, and exams required will succeed in earning an above average salary. The average wages for those that are newly graduated is between $40 00 and $50 000 annually. For those therapist assistants with more experience, they will generally earn higher wages, earning over $60 000 is possible for physical therapist assistant jobs.

Physical Therapy Assistant Wages: Comparison with a Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Aide

Comparing a PTA to a physical therapist you will see a large jump in Salary. An experience licensed physical therapist will earn $65 000 to $85 000 and those that have been practicing for eight years upwards will obviously earn much more especially those that run their own practices. There are also physical therapy assistants that are paid on an hourly basis and will charge according to treatments done. Physical Therapists will almost always demand a higher wage due to their educational requirements and responsibilities. For those that work in metropolitan areas will earn a far higher wage as opposed to those working in small rural cities.

When determining physical therapy aides, the salary scale is largely influenced by the people that hire them. For example a hospital or clinic will pay these physical therapy aids far less as opposed to a private company. The approximate salary ranges from around $20 000 to $25 000 000 annually as the salary scale is decided upon the companies offer and what the candidate is wanting. Physical therapy assistant wages do have a large scale based on the institution with wages from as low as $32 000 to as high as $60 000.  Institutions such as hospitals and private concerns would pay a higher wage as oppose to franchises, non-profit concerns and self employed options.

A physical therapy assistant wages can only be estimated as wages will depend on the amount of experience, qualifications and the geographical area and so on. In addition gender will also determine a therapist wages. Job prospects for physical therapy assistants and aides offer excellent opportunities.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Physical Therapy Assistant Wages

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The earning potentials of a physical therapist assistant is around $49 000 annually when we take the median average. This would work out to an hourly wage of roughly $22.22 per hour or slightly higher. Physical therapy aids earn around $24,000 annually and $11.50 hourly, virtually half of what a educated PTA will earn. The 2 year associates degree makes a big difference with regards to wages.

If you require further information on the wages that have been determined geographically you can go online and get an estimated wage scale on each state. Due to salaries being determined by several factors and career opportunities provided by the profession are vast and varied. Depending on the state in which you work, and the type of physical therapy assistant jobs in which you work, there are many different physical therapy assistant wages for this occupation.