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Physical Therapy Assistant: your recession proof career

With a national recession in the USA that lingers, a global recession with little hope of an end in site, many people are analyzing their job safety, their rate of pay, and many are putting off the decision to embark on careers that they see as a risky choice for future employment.

If you are looking for a career that will outlast the recession, and still will enable you to earn respectable wages with the current economy, you may want to seriously consider a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant. If you’ve had previous interest in working in the medical field, where you will work with other professionals and have the ability to communicate and assist patients, and in general help others, while then this may well be the career for you.

Is the Physical Therapy Assistant career right for me?

Let’s look at the benefits that can help you with this decision

  • Growing Demand for the Career: In a time when Unemployment has steadily increased over years prior, and an economy where many job markets are diminishing, the medical field as a whole continues to grow. This has a lot to do with aging population in the nation. Most medical professions in fact are expecting quite a large period of growth in the next 10 years, and Physical Therapy Assistant is no different. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Physical therapy assistants can expect healthy growth in the years to come, with a 35% increase in the number of PTA’s that will be required by 2018.  Remember regardless of the economic situation of the nation, people will always need health care! Becoming a physical therapy assistant will help you be financially stable tomorrow, and in demand, even during tough economic times.
  • Relocation Options: Once you accomplished your associates degree as a physical therapy assistant, you are ready to be licensed in the state that you wish to work in. if you did you research properly and attended a well respected Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) which is a branch of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) you are ready to practice your career in any state in the nation. Each state will have specific licensing fees, requirements, and tests, so you may need to prepare yourself for wherever you may decide to move. While re-licensing may be a slight annoyance, overall it’s a small price to pay to be able to have a career that in transferable across America.
  • A beneficial Schedule: Physical therapy departments tend to operate on more business like hours than many other medical professions. This is a great feature to think about for the family and social activity minded. It can truly be a career that you work around your life, instead of working your life around your career.
  • Self Fulfilling work: One of the main things that you will hear from working individuals is their lack of fulfillment at their current career. While with physical therapy assistant that is not the case. Being a designated, educated professional with opportunities for movement throughout the field leaves most PTA’s feeling quite blessed to work in the positions they work in. There are always opportunities for those wishing to seek additional studies should one want to enhance their education and move into other professions in the rehabilitation field. Helping others, working as part of a professional unit, and the feeling self respect at having a career one can be proud of are the main reasons that Physical Therapy Assistants have a much higher job satisfaction rate than other professions.
  • Advancement Opportunities: While working as a physical therapy assistant you will gain great insight, along with experience into the physical therapy field, and a greater knowledge of the medical field as a whole. Physical Therapy Assistant Schools require 2 years of study for an associates degree.  For what a physical therapy assistant gets in compensation wage wise this is a fast rise to a solid career which is a huge benefit compared to other studies Those that wish to move further along in the rehabilitation or medical field, having education as a physical therapy assistant is a great asset, and step along that journey. Many physical therapy assistants decide to upgrade their studies to move up to a fully accredited physical therapist where they will enjoy new job opportunity’s and higher compensation.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a career as a physical therapy assistant might be right for you. There is no time better than now to begin your new career.

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