Explore Career Options, Jobs, Schooling, and Salary for an in Demand Career in Physical Therapy

Interested in a Career in Physical Therapy? The Top 10 Reasons To Work in Physical Therapy

Physical therapists provide treatment and diagnosis for individual conditions and injuries that have an affect on a patients mobility. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants use a number of treatment methods such as exercise, stretching, electric stimulation modalities, massage, traction and gait training.

1. Excellent Job Security

Physical therapy careers are currently seeing an excellent demand even during the difficult economic downtime that has afflicted the nation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  we can expect job opportunities for both the physical therapist and the assistant to grow by over 30% in next 10 years, a much higher average than the national average.

2. High Salary Earning Potential

According to the latest statistics the average salary for a physical therapist in the United States is $77,990 per year, while those fresh out of university can expect to instantly command a salary in excess of $53 000 per year. The highest earning physical therapists can earn in excess of $100 000 per year. A physical therapy assistant who studies only 2 years before they may enter the workforce earns an average yearly salary of $49,690, with those in the highest way brackets earning in excess of $60 000 per year.

3. Helping Others

If a career where helping others improve their physical condition and overall health is of interest to you, then physical therapy careers will be especially appealing. Those that work in physical therapy often have the type of personality that suits helping sick or injured individuals. If you thoroughly enjoy helping others and receive great satisfaction from it, then a physical therapy career may be right for you.

4. Personal Satisfaction

Recent polls and research studies have concluded that physical therapy careers are amongst the 10 best career industries to work in when it comes to job satisfaction. According to the Wall Streets Career Journal, over 75% of those polled who work in physical therapy stated they were “very satisfied” with their career choice.

5. Variety in Career Choices

As a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant you have the option to work in a variety of health care settings and industries. This can include private practice, rehabilitation centers, general and surgical hospitals, sports medicine clinics, schools and educational institutes, old age homes, as well as other possible locations for employment. There are job opportunities for the PT and the PTA in every geographic region within the United States, which is excellent for those who wish to relocate.

6. Interacting With Patients

Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants build communication based relationships with their patients. This may be one of the reasons those who work in physical therapy find the job so satisfying.  Therapists are required to make patients feel at east while they perform their treatment protocol and often build a strong sense of trust amongst their patients.

7. Personal Ambition

Working in physical therapy can be seen by many as an ambitious career choice. This is due to the high competitive salaries, the demand for the profession, as well as the specific and high level education that is required to work in the physical therapy industry. Healthcare careers as a whole offer an individual a plethora of options when it comes to finding ways to earn higher wages and upgrade their professional credentials.

8. Physical Fitness and Hands on Work

Careers in physical fitness and rehabilitation fields such as that the physical therapist and physical therapy assistant work within involves a direct healing approach when it comes to working with patients. Physical therapy can involve helping athletes recover to full condition, or helping an individual recover from a broken bone in the leg. It requires hands on, strong analytical skills diagnostic and a strong understanding of human movement. Physical therapy careers are definitely for those that are interested in physical intensive careers.

9.  Flexible Schedule

In most physical therapy industries the hours in which one works are what many would consider “good hours to work”. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants often work business type hours (8-4 or 9-5) during the week in many of the industry settings. This schedule is not nearly as tough as nursing or careers that require shift work with an ever changing schedule. While some physical therapy jobs will inevitably require evenings and weekends, for the most part physical therapists and assistants enjoy a flexible schedule with excellent work hours.

10 Your Own Health!

Having a strong knowledge in human movement, human conditions, and exercise prescription can only be beneficial to those who work in physical therapy. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants have the knowledge base required to take care of themselves, as well as are surrounded by comparable and complimentary health care providers to help address any health related issues rather quickly. Also with such high job satisfaction rates, those that work in physical therapy often as a whole have deal with a lot less stress than many of the other health care careers.