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A guide to Physical Therapy Schools in Texas

Physical Therapy Schools in TexasThere are currently 10 physical therapy schools in Texas State, along with 1 U.S. army University option to choose from for those that wish to become physical therapists. With over 11 000 physical therapists working in the state of Texas, there beckons to be plenty of opportunity for physical therapy employment in the state. The draw of Texas does not just stop at the state demand for this profession, Texas also happens to offer one of the highest physical therapist salaries in the nation. With an average physical therapist salary of over $86 000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). With the top 10% of earners in the state pulling in a staggering $130 000 plus per year, working in Texas attracts many for this profession.

Tuition fees at physical therapy schools in Texas can vary slightly from location to location. The tuition fees in the state orange from around $20 000 – $37 000 for the entire program (3 years). The costs are generally double for those who reside out of the state. In this article we will provide you with the basics of admissions, the average costs of student life, the statistics for sucessful graduation, as well as the passing rate on the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) This site will also provide contact information through a listing of all physical therapy schools in Texas which are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

Physical Therapy Schools in Texas Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements can change from school to school, your best option is always to speak directly with the schools you are preparing an application for, for any specifics. There are some commonalities with regards to the requirements for the schools. In Texas most schools will only choose roughly 25% of those that see fit to apply for admissions. If 150 qualified applicants apply to a given program, that program may only select 40 of those individuals to attend the program. Here are some basic requirements (example)

    • Minimum requirements for entry Admissions is a GPA between 3.0 (minimum) and 4.0,
    •  2-3 letters of recommendation,
    • A minimum of 50 paid or volunteer hours,
    • a personal interview
    • a score of at least 2,500 on the GRE test (Revised General Test). Many Schools will require specific grades on certain modules of the test as well (check with the individual schools)
    • Expect to require a number of classes from your bachelors degree such as: upper level anatomy or physiology, physics, chemistry, human anatomy and human physiology lab, psychology, technical writing, as well as prerequisite courses in mathematics (ie: Algebra, trigonometry)

With a high level of individuals interested in applying at physical therapy schools in Texas, the requirements for admissions can prove quite challenging. It certainly  is required by those that wish to enter into a doctorate degree in physical therapy to have knowledge of these aspirations during bachelor degree studies. The tuition estimates for each individual school is listed within the physical therapy schools in Texas Listings.

Average Costs of Student Life at Physical Therapy Schools in Texas

With regards to costs of living at physical therapy schools in Texas, we are mentioning the costs of living arrangements, such as in apartment or residence costs that are not included in the tuition fees. Generally in Texas we see costs that start at around $275 to $700 a month for residency.  These vary from place to place, large city to smaller town. Most students should to expect to pay an extra $5000 to $8000 a year to live in or near the university. This information is available from the admissions departments at all of the universities we have listed on this page. Simply contact the schools of your interest and find out the costs.

Physical Therapy Schools in Texas Graduation Rates & NPTE Success Rates

This is a  list of the graduation rates from the 11 physical therapy schools in Texas, along with the National Physical Therapy Exam(NPTE) success rates. For the NPTE, the numbers are for overall passing of the exam- The NPTE exam is required before a student can be eligible for a Texas state license to practice physical theraoy. The exam itself is a multiple choice computer based examination.

School Graduation Rates NPTE exam Success Rate
Angelo State University 88.6% (2002-2010) 97.7% (2002-2010)
Harden Simmons University 97% (3 year average) 98.63% (latest 3 year average)
Texas State University San Marcos 100% (3 year average) 100% (latest 3 year average)
Texas Tech University 90% (3 year average) 97.73%(3 year average)
Texas Women’s University 93%(3 year average) 100% (3 year average)
The University Of Texas, San Antonio 95% (3 year average) 97.3% (3 year average)
University of Texas, Galveston 95% (3 year average) 97.06% (3 year average)
University of St Augustine New Program
University of Texas, El Paso 87% (3 year average) 93.10% (3 year average)
University of Texas, Dallas 86% (3 year average) 100% (3 year average)
US Army-Baylor University 96% (3 year average) 100% (3 year average)

Physical Therapy Schools in Texas Listing

Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX
Phone: (325) 942-2545
Web Address: http://www.angelo.edu/dept/physical_therapy
Program E-mail: ptdept@angelo.edu
Tuition Costs: Complete Program Costs (36 months) $37,946 in state, $73,971 out of state (2010-2011 stats)
Students Enrolled: 20-26 per class

Hardin-Simmons University
Abilene, TX
Phone: (325) 670-1339
Web Address: http://www.hsutx.edu/academics/graduate/holland/pt/
Program E-mail: ptoffice@hsutx.edu
Tuition Costs: $23,700 per year (3 years course, applies to both in and out of state students, as of 2011)
Students Enrolled: 28 Students admitted per year

Texas State University, San Marcos
San Marcos, TX
Phone: (512) 245-8351
Web Address: http://www.health.TxState.edu/pt
Program E-mail: phystherapy@txstate.edu
Tuition Costs: $12,000 per year Texas Residents, $21,600 Out of State (2012)
Students Enrolled: 40 students admitted per year

Texas Tech
Lubbock, TX
Phone: (806) 743-4525
Web Address: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/sah/
Program E-mail: kerry.Gilbert@ttuhsc.edu
Tuition Costs: $10,800 per year, 3 year program (2011)
Students Enrolled: 70 students admitted per year

Texas Women´s University
Houston, TX
Phone: (713) 794-2070
Web Address: http://www.twu.edu/physical-therapy/
Program E-mail: pt@twu.edu
Tuition Costs: Entire Program: $30 000 for Residents, $64 000 for non residents (2011)
Students Enrolled: 100 students admitted per year

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 567-8750
Web Address: http://www.uthscsa.edu/sah/pt/
Program E-mail: trevinod@uthscsa.edu
Tuition Costs: Entire Program Cost: $29,895 for Residents
Students Enrolled: 40 students admitted per year

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Galveston, TX
Phone: (409) 772-3068
Web Address: http://www.sahs.utmb.edu/programs/pt/
Program E-mail: cutsey@utmb.edu
Tuition Costs: $10 500 per year for residents, $21 000 per year for non residents (3 year course, as of 2011)
Students Enrolled: 54 students admitted per year

University of St Augustine for Health Sciences
Austin, TX
Phone: (904) 826-0084 ext. 264
Program E-mail: pking@usa.edu
Status: Newly Accredited Program as of November 2011, no Graduate Information

University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX
Phone: (915) 747-8207
Web Address: http://chs.utep.edu/pt/
Program E-mail: gradschool@utep.edu
Tuition Costs: $214.70 per credit hour for residents and $489.70 per credit hour for non-residents (2008)
Students Enrolled: 24 students admitted per year

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Dallas, TX
Phone: (214) 648-1551
Web Address: http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/physicaltherapy
Program E-mail: Billy.Crawford@utsouthwestern.edu
Tuition Costs: Total Program $17,821 for State Residents, $44,656 for non Residents
Students Enrolled: 40 students admitted per year

US Army-Baylor University
Fort Sam Houston, TX
Phone: (210) 221-8410
Web Address: http://www.baylor.edu/graduate/pt
Tuition Costs: No Tuition Fees: Students Recieve pay of $43 000 per year, and are Obligated to complete 7 years of military service.
Students Enrolled: 24 students admitted per year