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PTA Salary – Tips on How to Earn a Higher Salary

Currently, the median annual PTA salary in the U.S.A. is roughly $48,590. It is projected to increase in the coming years due to the expected rise in demand for physical therapy assistants. Still, even though the employment growth is anticipated to reach 35% in the coming eight years, the remuneration of such professionals will increase at a considerably lower rate. That is why it is worth learning about ways in which you can increase your individual remuneration.

PTA Salary and Qualifications

Obtain additional qualifications in the form of advanced knowledge and skills, after graduating from an associate degree program and obtaining your license. There are plenty of advanced education courses in different types of therapy after your PTA program. These include musculoskeletal, geriatric, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary and pediatric therapy. The American Physical Therapy Association recognizes such advanced qualifications, so you can readily obtain them to get a higher PTA salary.

Look for employment in the home health care services industry and in nursing care facilities. According to statistical data, these sectors offer the highest remuneration to physical therapy assistants. By providing home health care services, you can earn $60,360 a year on average. If you work in a nursing care facility, you can expect to earn a PTA salary of around $52,700. It is worth pointing out that the jobs in both sectors are considerably fewer than in offices of therapists and in hospitals, where you make closer to the average salary for a physical therapy assistant. In addition, the benefits in the home health care services are considerably smaller compared to those in other employments sectors.

Improve your work performance to get a higher PTA salary, much higher above the median salary within the state in which you work. It is true that the more work experience you have the larger your remuneration will be. However, you cannot gain experience overnight. You have to work hard every day to get increase in your remuneration. That is why you should focus on improving your work performance in every aspect. Be more organized so that you can get more work done within the work day. Develop your interpersonal skills and be more caring towards patients. In this way, you will get plenty of positive feedback that your employer and head physical therapist will certainly take into account. Effective work with the company will make you a desired physical therapist assistant.

Flexibility, Relocation and PTA Salary

Be more flexible and look for employment in different states. The mean PTA salary varies considerably from one state to another and you can take advantage of this. Currently, the top paying US state with regards to salaries paid is Texas with the mean annual wage there being $61,710. In California, the mean annual wage is also higher than that for the entire country. It is $56,820. In addition to the high remuneration of physical therapy assistants, both states have considerably large numbers of jobs for such professionals.

Negotiate a higher PTA salary, if you feel you deserve it. Negotiations are part of the relationship between employees and their employers, so there is nothing strange or wrong with asking for a pay increase. Provided that you are a qualified professional with above average work performance, you will certainly be able to negotiate higher remuneration.

Use as many of the available options for earning a higher PTA salary as possible. With this job title, exploit every opportunity to boost your earnings and get more and larger benefits, having a high paying PTA salary is a very possible task.

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