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Which State Has the Highest Physical Therapy Assistant Salary?

Relocation should definitely be an option when it comes to securing the best-paid job position and the highest physical therapy assistant salary. That is why you should definitely find out which state has the highest physical therapy assistant salary. This article will give the answer to this question by presenting the top paying states in the US, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is worth pointing out that the ranking of the bureau is based on official statistical data only.

At present, Texas is the state that has the highest physical therapy assistant salary. The mean annual wage of assistants in the largest state in the US is $62,440. This is considerably higher than the mean annual remuneration for the country which is $49,810. The next logical question is whether you should consider moving to Texas in order to get a high salary? are there jobs available there?

This state is among the ones with highest employment levels. In fact, it ranks third. This means that there are plenty of physical therapy assistant jobs in Texas and that the demand for such professionals is high enough that employment opportunities are available, bottom line, you will have very good chances of finding employment. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that you will find and get a well-paid job in any location, Texas included. The reality is that there are positions with much lower salaries than the mean for the state as well as ones with higher remuneration. Generally, you can find a well-paid job in Texas if you have excellent qualifications, sufficient work experience and good communication and interpersonal skills.

California has the highest physical therapy assistant salary after Texas. The mean annual remuneration there is $57,760. At the same time, California holds the second position in terms of high employment levels as well. Basically, you have good chances of finding a well-paid job in this state as well. However, you have to take into account all the considerations discussed above as well. Often individual states will also require you to pass state license tests, or at the minimum pay a fee for the state license.

Connecticut has the highest physical therapy assistant salary after Texas and California. The mean yearly wage of assistants there is $56,180. Unlike Texas and California, however, Connecticut offers a very small number of jobs. In fact, according to the latest statistical data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 440 physical therapy assistants in the state. Hence, you may find it difficult to find a position in Connecticut.

Florida ranks number four in the chart for the states having the highest physical therapy assistant salaries. The mean wage per year there is $55,280. At the same time, this state takes the fifth position in the list of states with highest employment levels. To sum it up, Florida offers good job opportunities and above-average remuneration, even though there is no guarantee that you will secure a position with high pay.

No matter the location you choose, being well spoken, educated with strong references is almost always a prerequisite. There are a number of factors that can influence salary, such as the cost of living in a specific state, you may also want to take into account the tax situation in the state you wish to move relocate to.

Nevada is has the highest physical therapy assistant salary after Texas, California, Connecticut and Florida. The mean yearly salary there is $54,800. Despite the high mean remuneration which is greater than the average for the country, Nevada offers limited employment opportunities. The statistical data shows that there are currently 320 assistants employed in this state. This means that it will be relatively difficult for you to find and secure an available position. For a detail guide scale, please click the highlighted link to take you to this sites page on physical therapy assistant salary.

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