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Working in Sports Medicine Clinics as a Physical Therapy Assistant

Choosing a career as a physical therapy assistant can be a great choice for a number of reasons. It may be the wages, the in demand skill set, or a genuine interest in helping sick and injured individuals. Physical therapy assistants enjoy a career that has excellent diversity. They are able to work with those who suffer from arthritis to dementia, to young children who suffer from spina bifida. They have the potential to gain experience in many workplace settings that interest them personally. In a society where fitness and rehabilitation are large parts, the role of a physical therapy assistant in sports medicine clinics is a common one. This may a perfect fit for an individual with a background in athletics, or a keen passion for fitness to upgrade their knowledge and skills by completing an in demand associates degree.

Sports physical therapy generally focuses on healing strains, sprains and sp0rts related injuries. Whether these injuries are suffered by the weekend warrior, varsity athletes, or other individuals a physical therapy assistant (PTA) working in a sports medicine clinic setting will have excellent direction from the senior sports physical therapists. Working in a sports medicine setting also allows a PTA to pick excellent exercise rehabilitation skills. Physical therapy assistants often assist the patients with the exercise program that is prescribed by the physical therapist. Ensuring the patients are following the exercises properly will help a PTA become very familiar with rehabilitative exercises.
While sports physical therapy positions may not have the highest wages in the industry, they are steady and there are many other perks, such as health benefits, great work place environment, and excellent hours that follow a very favorable schedule with weekends off. Working with sports physical therapy professionals you will be learning from experts in how to evaluate and improve movement of the body through physical therapy and exercise, and this can also benefit your personal knowledge.

Physical therapists in general have a great degree of job satisfaction, those that work in sports medicine have some of the highest rates of job satisfaction in the nation. The unique analytical skill set required even for a PTA is very rewarding, challenging and interesting.

If working with athletes, or physical fitness is an interest to you, an associates degree studied at a physical therapy assistant school will offer a great career,  many opportunities, job security, as well as satisfying job.